Affordable websites

If you’re a micro or small business in the north of the UK, you’ll likely be wanting an affordable, easy to update website.

Your website should be a lot of things:

  • Easy to edit and update
  • Not cost a fortune to set up or run
  • Cater for staple content (your core services or products) as well as more time-based news
  • Allow easy uploading of images
  • Support video
  • Allow easy downloads of documents like PDFs
  • Give you control over your SEO
  • Integrate social media well

The sites I build cater for all of this.

Fast website edits

As a small business owner, possibly a designer or maker, in Cumbria you’ll have very little time on your hands.

In my work with SMEs across Cumbria and Scotland, the single biggest obstacle to online marketing is a lack of time.

For this reason, your website needs to be intuitive. It will cut down the learning time. It will also make you more responsive by presenting less of an obstacle to new content going up.

The less time it takes to add content, the more likely it will happen.

WordPress is great for this. Easy to understand and use.

It gives you flexibility and complete control over your website. I offer WordPress training to give you a head start.

I’m a big fan of WordPress and how it can empower business owners to manage their own content.

If you’re not sure on how to go about this, find someone who will offer tuition as well as building the site.

I prefer to help my clients and customers gain a thorough understanding of how their site works. It often involves sitting with them and talking them through not only how to add content but also where it falls in the content marketing side of things.

You don’t want to be stuck with asking your web developer to make changes on the site, unless they are major ones. In the long term, it pays to get comfortable with WordPress’s easy to use interface.

Plugins add functionality

You’ll find a raft of plugins out there to help add functionality to your site. From booking engines and contact forms, to advanced galleries and eCommerce. Generally these are free or premium.

As with anything, you get what you pay for.

Premium themes and plugins are more thoroughly tested, have more effort put into them and have better support. Not everything is Plug and Play so having a port of call, to get answers, is very useful.


For small businesses in Cumbria, getting an affordable website is usually a priority.

It’s the hub of your online marketing and should not be a barrier to showcasing what you offer or do.

Easy to update and super flexible, it will evolve as your business grows. It’s my platform of choice.

What was once only considered to be a platform for blogging is now a versatile system for giving you control over your site without the need for geekiness.

All your content can be updated without the need to contact a developer. Not only is it much more cost effective in the long run, you are in full control.