Adding social media links to your sidebar is not only easy, it’s vital for your users and helps with Search Engine Optimisation.



There are 3 steps:

  1. Link to the Font Awesome CSS
  2. Add your HTML
  3. Add any custom CSS to control icon spacing etc

Font Awesome provide a quick and easy way of adding great quality icons to your website. They can be sized up or down by adding a quick class like fa-2x or fa-3x to the tag.

Social Proof

These days, the biggest indicator of how good your content is, is interaction.

The more people read and interact with your content, the better the proof that your content is interesting.

People hopping from your site to your social media, or the other way round, the more evidence there is that people are loving what you offer.

So, there’s no reason to dither, get those social media links onto your site and get posting.

The cover image for this post shows Vandelaydesign’s free icon set >